Esthedental offers its visitors the most suitable and top quality dental treatment services. It provides the latest services to its visitors with the developing technology of Turkey. Dental treatment in Turkey is the best option. One of the clinics chosen by visitors from all over the world is Esthedental.

Contact our patient consultants, who provide 24/7 service, and they will create your treatment plan immediately. We customize your treatments and offer you a special service.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us on our social media accounts and our whatsapp line. Fill out the contact form and we'll call you.

How long will I stay in Turkey?

The treatment process varies depending on the patient and can last a maximum of several days. Get information from our WhatsApp line to get general information.

Where will I stay after coming to Turkey?

Your comfort is very important to us. We arrange transportation and accommodation for you. After entering Turkey, we take you from the airport in our private car and provide you with accommodation in the hotel rooms that we have booked. Our patient consultants will help you during the entire treatment process so that you can get quality and comfortable treatment.

Do you pay attention to the covid-19 rules in your clinic?

We pay attention to all the hygiene rules published by the ministry of health. You can come to our clinic with inner peace.

Why is Dental Care Cheaper in Turkey?

Compared to European countries, Turkey offers better quality health services at affordable prices. The reason for this is Turkey's exchange rate difference. Rental prices of our offices are much more affordable than in other countries. However, the wages of the employees are also low due to the exchange rate difference. Therefore, Turkey is more affordable than European countries. However, it is useful to pay attention to very low-priced treatments. Dentists who are not experts in their field perform dental treatments at very low prices. Esthedental works with dentists who are experts in their field. You can search our dentists.

Do you have Instagram vs Youtube accounts?

We have social media pages. You can get information by contacting our social media teams with any information you want through our accounts. Just click on the links to view the content we share daily and review our images.

How long does your zirconium tooth last?

It is regularly maintained, zirconium tooth coating will provide long-term use.

Are zirconium veneers better than porcelain veneers?

Zirconium tooth coating does not contain metal compared to other porcelain coatings . Light transmittance is available compared to metal tooth coatings and a more natural appearance is obtained.

How much does Hollywood smile cost in Turkey?

It varies from person to person. After your doctor examines you, a treatment plan will be created and pricing will be made. Contact us for information about Hollywood smile.

Can dental implants be done in 1 day?

Yes, it can be done. When you come to our clinic, your implant treatment can be successfully performed by our specialist dentists within the same day. But still, the treatment process varies from patient to patient.

How much does Implant dental treatment cost?

There are price differences between a single implant and all implants. Therefore, you will be examined by our specialist dentists, and then the price will be determined according to your treatment plan. Contact here for prices.

Is teeth whitening safe?

The process of teeth whitening should be performed by specialist doctors and is an extremely safe procedure. After treatment, tooth sensitivity may be experienced, but after a few days, this problem completely disappears.

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