Very few people are lucky enough to have a perfect set of teeth when it comes to appearance and health. A huge number of people both are getting the implants due to its convenience and full mouth dental implant costs, which offers value for money. Tooth loss is now more common than ever with growing number of gum and tooth diseases. The most common reason of tooth loss is aging. As we age, the teeth start falling out. You lose your confidence due to the unpleasant physical appearance of the mouth. Whether it is crooked, broken teeth or  gaps, thanks to modern dental technology, we can fix all of these problems with full mouth dental implants. After all, your smile is worth everything.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are made up of titanium screws. These are made to fit inside your jawbone to fix and fill in the missing tooth. The dentist like will insert them in with a surgery and screw the crown on the top. It acts as a fully functional prosthetic tooth that functions like a real tooth and looks natural. Most of the times, full mouth dental implant does not mean replacing every tooth. Replacing eight teeth at the front, four on top and four at bottom is usually enough to restore a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Get dental implants in one day

Thanks to the modern technology, you can also get full mouth dental implants in one day so you do not have to suffer from an aesthetically non-pleasing smile for a long time. One day full mouth dental implant costs varies greatly and depends on numerous factors such as fabrication, prosthesis, doctors, number of implants needed etc.

How are Dental Implants Implanted?

When it comes to placing a dental implant, there are three different elements of it.
  • The titanium screw
  • The prosthetic tooth
  • The attachment
The first step involves the peeling of gum flap to have jawbone exposed for the implant. Exposing the jawbone makes space for drilling the hole for the insertion of the implant and for the screwing of healing cap on the top in order to protect the implant’s interior. After this, the shaping and positioning of the gum flap takes place. Eventually, gum flap will be sutured back around the implant. After a few months, the jawbone and implant bond together. The uncovering of implants and removal of the healing cap takes place. Upon removal, the dentist will attach the attachment. The gums will take a few weeks to heal completely after this process. Once healed, your dentist will attach the attachments to replace your teeth. This will give you a new and natural smile. Moreover, you will get a healthy mouth. It will allow you to speak and chew like you normally would. full-mouth-dental-implant

Full mouth dental implant costs

People most common search “average cost of full mouth dental implants”, “affordable full mouth dental implants” and “full mouth dental implant costs” on the internet. Average cost of full mouth dental implants varies greatly and depends on numerous factors. One of the major full mouth dental implant costs determining factor is the type of implant. There is also a temporary, removable option that costs significantly less. It is the most affordable full mouth dental implants type due to lesser cost of the material.

Dental Implants at EstheDental

Average cost of full mouth dental implants is notably lesser in Turkey than Europe or USA with no compromise in quality. At EstheDental, we follow international standards. We provide high quality and affordable full mouth dental implants. EstheDental is a leading dental clinic in the heart of Istanbul. We use most advanced technology and highly qualified doctors to ensure you have a comfortable experience, all while keeping the full mouth dental implant costs efficient. For a majority of people, when it comes to choosing a doctor, the average cost of full mouth dental implants becomes a deciding factor. They make a choice based solely on the full mouth dental implant costs. It is not always a good idea since very affordable full mouth dental implants mean compromise on the quality of the material being used and the doctor might not have the experience and qualification for a satisfactory result and since smile is one of the first things people notice on you, it is a bad idea to risk the aesthetic appearance of your mouth to save some money and the average cost of full mouth dental implants should not become the deciding factor for you. average-cost-full-mouth-dental-implants

What are the benefits of dental implants?

If you are thinking about getting a dental implant but are skeptical, here are some benefits to help convince yourself.
  • Prevents bone loss in the jaw in the future.
  • Preserves a younger looking structure of the face.
  • Promotes better oral health.
  • Helps boosts confidence and helps you own yourself.
  • Turkey offers affordable full mouth dental implants.
  • Gives you the ability to chew and eat anything with ease.

Why you should get dental implants

Affordable full mouth dental implants are the new rising phenomena. It is due to the fact that full mouth dental implant costs are now lower than ever in the past due to developments in technology. People consider dental implants a long-term investment for their physical appearance and healthy well-being. Hence, they are willing to invest on the average cost of full mouth dental implants. There is another option for people who do not want to invest much money. Removable dentures are a more affordable option as compared to full mouth dental implants costs.  However, they restrain you from consuming certain foods and are not very cost-effective. When you compare average cost of full mouth dental implants and removable dentures, removable dentures sound more appealing but in the long run, they do not give value for money. Therefore, it is best to opt for affordable full mouth dental implants from EstheDental. This way, you can get services worth of every penny.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Costs at EstheDental

At EstheDental, each patient gets a personalized treatment plan along with personalized full mouth dental implant costs to best suit the needs of a specific patient. We do not only offer affordable full mouth dental implants but also the best treatment in Turkey. Our treatments give maximum value for money and each customer leaves extremely content and satisfied. Full mouth dental implant costs will be provided upon consultation depending on how many implants will be needed and on the condition of the mouth. We guarantee you natural looking aesthetic teeth along with healthy fully functional set of teeth with our affordable full mouth dental implants. Before you think whether or not you want the implants, ask yourself these questions
  • Should I let the average cost of full mouth dental implants have more worth than my confidence?
  • Am I willing to invest on high quality yet affordable full mouth dental implants for a lifetime of healthy functioning and aesthetically pleasant teeth?
The average cost of full mouth dental implants will never be higher than the level of confidence you will have with the perfect set of teeth at EstheDental. You might also be interested in: Some Alternatives to Dental Implants : Bone Graft For Dental Implant

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