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E-Max veneer is highly preferred today. This treatment method, which does not contain metal, is the best of all veneers. It is applied to provide people with a natural and aesthetic smile. Dentists design veneers completely in accordance with the person's mouth and teeth structure. It is quite long lasting.

What are The E-Max Veneers ?

E-Max veneer has porcelain material. It is one of the best materials among all coating materials applied in dental treatment. E-max veneer does not include metal. Therefore, very natural results are obtained. It looks just like natural teeth. Emax dental veneers are designed to make your mouth and teeth look more aesthetic. Besides, it is highly preferred by patients.

Reasons for preffering E-Max Veneers

  • Yellow teeth : People are very uncomfortable with yellowed teeth. E-max veneer prevents yellowing of teeth with its transparent and strong structure. It provides an aesthetic smile. 
  • Crooked teeth : E-max dental veneer has the feature of restoring all crooked teeth.
  • Snaggle tooh : Broken teeth can occur as a result of trauma or due to genetic factors. E-max porcelain veneers can treat this condition.
  • Treated teeth : Sensitivity may occur in the teeth due to dental problems. Some dental treatments make teeth more sensitive. E-max veneers solve weak tooth problems.

The Advantages of E-Max Veneers

E-max dental veneers have a few advantages compared to other veneers:

  • Provides a natural image thanks to its light transmission.
  • The ingredients in its content are completely compatible with the tooth structure. Therefore, it does not damage the tooth structure.
  • Since it does not contain metal substances, no allergic reaction occurs.
  • There are color options. It is made with a special and natural color selection for your tooth color.
  • One of its biggest advantages is that it prevents tartar. Thanks to its slippery surface, tartar does not occur. It completely eliminates gingival ailments.
  • Since it does not contain metal, purple colors do not occur on the gums.
  • Its external structure is smooth. So it looks very aesthetic.
  • E-max dental veneers are long-lasting. However, if patient does not attention to oral and dental care, problems can occur. So, patient should do care frequently.

How is E-Max Veneer Applied ?

E-max veneers are a very practical and easy process. Dentists can apply e-max veneers in a short time.

  • The dentist conducts an examination of the teeth before the operation and takes measurements.
  • With the etching process, the teeth become ready for coating.
  • The doctor performs a dental measurement again.
  • The measurements are evaluated in the laboratory and ready to be made.
  • The teeth are glued with a strong adhesive, optimally suited for the size of the tooth. This adhesive is often used in coating treatments. It does not have any allergenic effect.

As a result of these steps, the e-max veneer treatment ends. After the coating, you can eat something according to the recommendation of your doctor. The process takes a short time. It does not contain any allergic risk.

E-Max Crown vs Zirconia

There are both differences and similarities between E max dental veneer and zirconium in terms of the materials they contain. In order to explain these, it is necessary to consider both materials one by one. Both treatment methods are performed for smile aesthetics. Since there is no metal in these materials, it looks quite natural. However, e max veneers are more aesthetic and natural thanks to their permeability compared to zirconium.

Both materials do not have allergenic properties. E max is superior in terms of aesthetic capacity. This is also a unique feature. It can be applied to the teeth with much less abrasion. Zirconium veneers have a more opaque structure than e-max veneers. That's why experts usually use zirconium in the back teeth. E max veneers are generally used on front teeth.

E-Max Veneers Price

E-max veneers price may differ according to the wishes of the person and the number of teeth applied. The material quality of the coatings can also vary. The e-max materials used by our clinic are of high quality and affordable. You can get the most accurate information about the E-max coating price from our patient consultants. Thanks to E-max veneer, you can eliminate tooth fractures and damaged teeth. In order to have a more aesthetic smile, we develop the technology of tooth making and provide you with natural teeth.

Esthedental works with specialist dentists. Our clinic welcomes its patients from abroad in the best way possible. Our patient consultants provide 24/7 free service. We use advanced technological equipment for a completely aesthetic and healthy tooth appearance. To benefit from our treatments as soon as possible, fill out our form or contact us via our WhatsApp line. 

Contact us and have aesthetic and healthy teeth. Because you’re worth it. 

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