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Teeth before and after

Teeth before and after refers to the change in the physical appearance of the Teeth due to a dental treatment. Our smile is one of the most essential feature when it comes to physical appearance. They are one of the first things that other people notice about you. Hence, cosmetic denstistry is thriving in the aesthetic health sector. From celebrities and elites to common people, everybody wants to fix or beautify their teeth and rightfully so. People are highly influenced by celebrities’ and influencers’ cosmetic dentistry before and after photos. This is why they want the same results for themselves. There are countless benefits of cosmetic dentistry such as a higher self esteem, healthier teeth, better gum health etc. It also allows you to be confident socially as the saying goes ‘use your smile to change the world.’

People commonly search terms like "Cosmetic dentistry before and after, tooth prior and later, dental implant before and after" on the internet. It proves how people have been wanting it but are skeptical. At Esthedental, we guarantee you the best cosmetic dentistry with the latest tools and technology. We also offer personalized treatments to best suit your needs so you can have the smile of your dreams.

Esthedental offers all aesthetic dental procedures such as;

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a screwing system that fills the cavity in the tooth. These replace the root with the help of a screwing system to maintain the healthy teeth. In case of a single tooth deficiency, dental implants fix the deficiency without bothering other teeth.

How Do We Implant Dental Implants?

We personalize dental implant procedure for each patient after thorough examinations and detailed oral measurements. This helps ensure patients receive the best dental implant before and after. It is a painless procedure that we perform with anesthesia and it has countless benefits. The benefits include convenient consumption of food and water, durability, an all-natural look that can be witnessed in the dental implant before and after visuals and it is also more durable than traditional protheses.

Dental Implant Before and After

Maintaining oral hygiene for dental implant before and after is crucial. The dentists always recommend Interdental brushes and mouthwashes after the implants. If you follow the recommended hygiene routine, the implants last a very long time.

Esthedental is waiting for you. We have all the latest tools and successful staff to ensure you get the perfect and the most significant dental implant before and after.

You can see dental implant before and after visuals.

Teeth Whitening

Smoking, drinking tea and coffee or not maintaining proper oral hygiene can make your teeth appear yellow. Teeth whitening helps eliminate the stains and gives you pearly white teeth to help you boost your confidence. It is completely safe with no side effects. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women should advisably avoid the procedure. This procedure is highly sought after due to the influence teeth prior and after whitening visuals have on the people.

Firstly, we examine a patient’s teeth to detect stains. Then, we clean and polish the teeth completely avoiding the gums to prevent damage. There are two procedures for the whitening. First one uses a gel that is applied to the patient’s teeth for 1.5 hours for whitening and the second one includes bleaching. The dentist gives the gel and apparatus so the patient can use it for 1-2 hours a day according to dentist’s instructions for a week.

White Teeth Before and After

After the completion of the procedure, the teeth tend to become sensitive. Thus, the patient should be cautious with foods and drinks and avoid acidic drinks. Cosmetic dentistry before and after visuals majorly comprises of teeth whitening because it appeals to the audience.

Dental Laser

Dental laser is a painless dental treatment that helps heal gum diseases, tooth sensitivity and dental caries. It has numerous benefits such as a shorter recovery time, no bleeding, no anesthesia required, no vibrating mechanism, no sensitivity in gums, less pain and swelling.

People who want a difference in teeth before and after but also do not want to experience any pain opt for this method since its painless and needle-free.

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures providing the most evident cosmetic dentistry before and after. It fixes crooked teeth, laughing phobia and cavities on the teeth to reveal a smile like hollywood stars. It is a very personalized treatment where factors such as facial features, gender, lip thickness and skin color are considered to give the most aesthetic yet natural looking smile to the patient.

Unlike other procedures, this procedure gives the most significantly different teeth prior and later as compared to other procedures.

The procedure includes bonding where the dentist applies a substance to teeth to fill cavities and broken teeth. Then comes whitening where removal of stains takes place and then implant is applied for patients with tooth loss. Here, the metal obtained from titanium is placed on the jawbone. The last step is lip shaping to fix lip structure. Hollywood smile treatment is the best treatment for aesthetic reasons. It also fixes gaps and crooked teeth that are visible in the visuals of gap teeth before and after.

E-Max Veneer

Porcelain is the material that makes up these veneers. They do not include metal and offer very natural results, which is why patients prefer it the most. People get e-max veneers to fix yellow teeth, crooked teeth, treated and sensitive teeth and snaggle teeth.

E-max veneers provide the best cosmetic dentistry before and after due to its light transmission, color options, prevention of tartar, smooth external structure and lack of metal substances.

Gummy Smile Makeover

A gummy smile is when a person’s gums appear more than normal when they smile. The normal appearance of gums should be 2mm and anything above 3mm qualifies as a gum problem and can be fixed with gummy smile makeover. Depending on how much gum is visible, the dentist plans the surgery accordingly. Gingivectomy is a kind of surgery where contouring of the gums takes place with an operation. The dentist examines and cleans the teeth and then uses anesthesia before cutting the gums with the help of tools and equipment. The process lasts for an hour and the results are extremely evident and qualify as significant visual for teeth prior and later.