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Laminate veneer is a dental veneer method designed for problems such as discoloration of teeth, crooked teeth or broken teeth. This process removes all negative situations that affect your smile.

What is The Laminate Veneer ?

Problems such as discoloration in teeth, broken and crooked teeth lead to a lack of self-confidence. People cannot talk and laugh comfortably in society. Laminate veneer is designed to create an aesthetic appearance for problematic teeth. It contains porcelain material. It is treated by sticking to the tooth surface.

How To Apply The Laminate Veneer Treatment ?

The expert dentist examines the patient before the procedure. Then, the dentist examines the tooth structure, takes measurements and appropriate plates are determined. After the examination, it takes a thin layer from the tooth surface and adheres the plaques. These plaques are just like fake nails. At the same time, the adhesive is produced from special materials. You will not feel any pain as your teeth will be numbed. That's why it's almost impossible for the coatings to fall off. The operation provides a completely safe smile to the person. Laminate veneer is a procedure commonly used by esthetic dentists.

What are The Advantages of Laminate Veneers ?

Laminate veneer is an extremely safe procedure. It provides an aesthetic and rich appearance to problematic teeth. That's why it's such a popular technique. However, the advantages of this process are not limited to this.

  • The appearance of the laminate veneer is very close to the natural tooth.
  • Teeth wear does not ocur.
  • It is not affected by drinks containing caffeine and acid. It does not lose its color.
  • The treatment process is very short. 
  • A personalized model is created.
  • It’s long-term. 
  • It consists of durable materials.

Can Anyone Have Laminate Veneers ?

Laminate veneer teeth are not a procedure that harms the person. That's why anyone with a few exceptions can get laminate veneer treatment.

  • People who have crooked teeth,
  • Teeth discoloration,
  • People who have broken teeth,
  • People who do not like the appearance of their teeth,
  • Genetic teeth disordes,
  • People who have failed teeth whitening.

In general, anyone with aesthetic concerns can have this procedure done. 

After Care

Just like dental care, it is important to care for veneers. You can maintain your coatings by daily brushing. Don’t forget oral and dental care is very important for everytime. 

However, you can prefer soft foods a few days after the procedure. It may take some time to get used to your new veneers. Therefore, it is useful to be careful about the foods you eat.

Laminate Veneers Cost

Laminate veneer is a coating process designed to eliminate aesthetic problems. It is applied by preparing it one by one and sticking it to the foreteeth. The price of laminate veneer is a expensive procedure in all clinics. The number of teeth to be coated, the materials to be used and the procedures to be required before the operation may vary in prices.


Esthedental performs laminate veneer treatment with successful dentists. We perform all our dental treatments in our clinic. The materials we use are completely the product of new generation technology. Compared to American and European countries, our treatments are more appropriate and of high quality. Therefore, many patients from abroad choose our clinic and benefit from our dental treatments. All you have to do for the laminate veneer price is to fill out our contact form. We will make a return immediately and create your treatment plan. Let's redesign your smile!

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