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Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth Makeover

Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth Makeover

  • June 3, 2023

Most of the time, when people talk or think about cosmetic dentistry, the most famous personality and the first thing they can think about is Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth Makeover. Among all the aesthetic medical procedures, teeth makeover is one of the most common one. The term ‘Hollywood smile’ exists for a reason. It exists because everyone who comes into limelight, whether it is an actor, model, athlete or influencer, opts for a teeth makeover. Your teeth and smile are one of the first things that people notice when they see you. It is undeniable that your teeth speak a lot about your personality. Hence, most people want to opt for cosmetic dentistry especially after taking inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth.

Many well-known personalities in the world have had humble beginnings and Ronaldo is no different. He was not born with a silver spoon and struggled his way to the top. His pictures from the past during the age of puberty prove how different he was from the stellar footballer we see today. He had uneven teeth, a gummy smile and pigmentation on teeth enamel. However, he opted for a complete teeth makeover and today, millions of people admire his smile and he is known as one of the most handsome men alive. He has also managed to set Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth as an example of self grooming.

Celebrities who got teeth makeover

Besides Cristiano, many A list personalities have also gotten a teeth makeover such as Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani and Kendall Jenner to name a few. Most people get inspired by celebrities and end up getting a smile makeover. People would get minor work done like minor gaps and fillings to major such as dentures, full veneers, braces etc. Cosmetic dentistry is now a heavily blooming field and is more than just a cosmetic procedure now. Almost every other smile we see on TV has had some work done.

Insight on Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth Makeover

People often refer to the footballer’s older pictures to see how big of a difference is there in his smile before vs now. Cristiano Ronaldo teeth had plenty of issues to begin with that were fixed over the time. We will discuss these issues in the article and how Ronaldo managed to fix them.


Teeth Whitening

Taking a closer look at the older photos, you would notice how Ronaldo’s teeth enamel was very pigmented and he had a yellow smile in his initial fame days. Teeth whitening procedure gives instant results and brightens your smile without damaging it too much. However, it is not recommended to people who drink a lot of coffee or a smoker since there is a high chance the teeth will have stains again with coffee and cigarettes. However, everyone knows how health conscious Ronaldo is. Hence, he does not smoke or drink coffee and has maintained the whiteness of his teeth after the treatment giving Cristiano Ronaldo teeth a pearly white look.

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is the type of smile where whenever a person smiles, their gums are visible more than normal. Same was the case with Ronaldo. He had overly exposed gums, which could be a result of either overgrowth of gum tissue or a hyperactive lip muscle. However, his dentist was able to fix the gummy smile flawlessly. He got the surgery considerably a long time ago, which is when the advanced technology was not available. Hence, he had to opt for a surgery. Today, a dentist can fix gummy smile with injections or laser.

Uneven Alignment of Teeth

In the initial days of his career, Cristiano was seen having ceramic braces to fix his uneven alignment of the teeth. Ceramic match your tooth enamel so they can be less visible. However, Ronaldo’s braces were still slightly visible in close ups. The more advanced treatments of uneven alignment of teeth include invisalign i.e. invisible braces or bilingual braces. These go behind your teeth to conceal visibility. However, back in the day when Ronaldo opted for braces, these options were not available.  

Missing incisors

Before the smile makeover, Cristiano had a missing upper right incisor. His dentist was able to fix it with braces to fix the missing gap and create the perfect Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth set.

Teeth makeover with veneers

Besides all the minor work on Ronaldo’s teeth, the major work includes veneers. These are a great solution even for coffee drinkers and smokers since these do not get stained and do not change their shape. Hence, these are a permanent solution to all your teeth problems. Veneers can also help you skip orthodontics and teeth whitening.

Importance of teeth makeover

Teeth are undeniably the most important facial feature when it comes to physical appearance. It is one of the first things that people notice about you. Hence, cosmetic dentistry is thriving in the aesthetic health sector. From celebrities and elites to common people, everybody seems to be getting teeth makeover for medical or beautification purposes and rightfully so. People are highly influenced by celebrities and influencer’s teeth makeover especially Cristiano Ronaldo teeth and want the same results for themselves. There are countless benefits of cosmetic dentistry such as a higher self esteem, healthier teeth, better gum health etc. It also allows you to be confident socially as the saying goes ‘use your smile to change the world.’

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