Dental laser, which has become very popular in recent years, is a frequently used treatment method in dental treatments. Dental lasers are used to remove cavities, gum diseases, gum shaping, and bacteria in the mouth.


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    What is the Dental Laser?

    The dental laser provides a painless, needle-free, and non-bleeding dental treatment. Most patients who experience toothache avoid dental treatment because they think they will experience pain. The dental laser eliminates this problem. The process is used in treatments such as smile design, gum disease, dental caries, tooth sensitivity, and teeth whitening. The uses of Dental lasers are varied. Some lasers are used only for soft tissues, and others for harder tissues.

    What are the Advantages of Dental Laser ?

    • The recovery period after treatment is short
    • It works silently
    • Bleeding does not occur
    • No sensitivity in teeth and gums
    • It is a procedure that does not require anesthesia
    • It does not have a vibrating mechanism.

    After treatment, pain and swelling are less likely to occur.

    Dental Laser vs. Traditional Methods

    Dental laser treatment, which has become very popular recently, is more preferred by patients than traditional treatment methods. This is because it is a completely painless procedure. It is made by ensuring the comfort of the patients and does not emit any harmful light. Another concern of patients is heavy bleeding in traditional dental treatments. There is no bleeding in the dental laser process. It is also very important for patients after treatment. The recovery period is both short and sensitivity does not occur.

    Teeth Whitening with Dental Laser

    Currently, there are many teeth whitening procedures. Dental laser is the most popular decontamination among these options. Color changes may occur in our teeth over time. Tobacco use, coloring foods such as coffee and tea seriously change the color formation on the teeth. At the same time, the color of the person's own tooth structure may also be darker than normal. In this case, dental laser treatment appears as an alternative treatment method and the teeth can be opened up to 3-4 tons

    If you want to learn more about teeth whitening, you can read our teeth whitening content

    Are Dental Lasers Safe ?

    Dental laser has no ionized light and does not accumulate in tissues. Therefore, it does not have a feature to emit harmful x-rays. It is a suitable treatment method for patients with fear of needles, pregnant women, and children. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the dental laser is hygienic. Treatment is applied by disinfection and sterilization.

    Dental Laser in Turkey

    Another issue that is most frequently asked about dental laser is its reliability. In our clinic, we work successfully with our dentists who are experts in dental laser treatment. 

    Our specialist dentists will create a treatment plan and we can guarantee that you will get successful results. Contact us for information about dental laser prices

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