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The dental implants are a screwing system in which a kind of prosthesis is placed in case of tooth loss and tooth cavities.


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What are Dental Implants ?

The patient may experience tooth loss and tooth cavities for certain reasons. However, this eliminates an aesthetic and healthy appearance. Dental Implants placed in the jawbone replace the tooth root and fill the tooth cavities with a long-lasting screwing system. In single tooth deficiencies, it is treated without touching other healthy teeth. Dental implants benefits are also abundan


How are Dental Implants Made?

A personalized treatment plan is created for the patient before the procedure. Certain examinations and oral dental measurements are performed. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient and does not feel pain. In order to place the titanium material in the area with the tooth cavity, the bone is intervened and a gap is opened. The implant is placed. The implant needs to be fused with the bone, in this time period temporary teeth are attached to the patient. When the fusion process with the bone is completed, the gums are opened and practical prostheses are attached. Gums get used to prostheses within 1 week. Finally, permanent teeth are attached to the implant.

The duration of the procedure varies depending on how many implants are made.



Dental Implants Advantages

  1. It provides an all-natural look
  2. It has strong dental roots, so it is very durable
  3. It provides convenience in eating and drinking
  4. It provides a long-lasting use when oral hygiene is followed
  5. It is more aesthetic and permanent than traditional prostheses.


After Implant Treatment

As with any dental treatment, the patient should routinely pay attention to oral and dental health as necessary. After Dental Implant, you should apply the techniques recommended by your dentist. You can ensure your hygiene by using interdental brushes and mouthwash after meals. At the same time, you should not disrupt your doctor's controls. The recommended control period is once every 6 months. If the necessary hygiene is provided, the dental implant guarantee is long-term.

Is pain felt during the Dental Implant Procedure?

The patient does not feel pain during the dental implant procedure performed under local anesthesia or sedation. After the effect of anesthesia, slight pain may be felt, and your doctor will give a pain reliever accordingly. Pain will be minimized.

Dental Implant is an important procedure. Therefore, the physician performing the procedure should be an expert in the field. In our clinic, we have successful physicians who are specialized in their fields.



Dental Implant Cost in Turkey

Dental Implant procedures should be applied by specialists in the field. Your examinations should be done and you should tell your health history to your specialist doctor. In order to get successful results, you should perform your treatment in a quality clinic and by successful physicians.

Esthedental is waiting for you with its successful staff in Turkey, where the highest quality health service is provided. Contact us for more information about Dental Implant prices. 

Dental Implant prices; It may vary according to the brand, prosthesis, bone graft need or the number of implants made to the patient. You can contact us to find out about a full mouth dental implant.

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