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Teeth whitening helps you to have a more confident and beautiful appearance by lightening your existing tooth color a few tones.

What is Teeth Whitening ?

Coffee, tea, coloring foods, and irregular dental care used over the years cause color changes on the teeth. However, you may also have a darker dentition and this can affect your social life. Although the shape of our teeth has a smooth structure, color changes are always at the forefront. The process of teeth whitening aims to eliminate these color changes that occur over time. Thanks to this process, we have a more confident and healthy appearance.

Are whitening products harmful ?

Over time, yellowing occurs in our teeth due to various habits. To eliminate these yellows, we use teeth whitening products sold in various stores. So, are whitening products harmful? Our answer is yes. The abrasive substances in these products damage the tooth enamel over time. Furthermore, gingivitis also occurs.

Is teeth whitening procedure harmful ?

There is no harm or side effect of the teeth whitening process, which is carried out in a controlled manner by the dentist. However, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should avoid all kinds of chemicals, as well as avoid teeth whitening.

How to do teeth whitening ? 

Before the teeth whitening process, the dentist examines the patient in a controlled manner. After the tartar and the stains on the teeth are detected, the teeth are cleaned, and then the whitening process is started. During this process, the patient's teeth are carefully polished, and a protective apparatus is attached to prevent damage to the gums.

  • Teeth whitening consists of two procedures. The first is a technique performed under the supervision of a dentist in a clinical setting. In this technique, the gel is applied on the patient’s teeth and kept for an average of 1.5 hours. After that, the color of the teeth opens up to 4-5 tons.
  • Another procedure is bleaching. The apparatus and gel given by the doctor are easy for the patient to apply himself. The patient uses 1-2 hours a day by applying gel to the apparatus given according to dental measurements. Teeth whitening process is completed within 1 week.

After Teeth Whitening

Since there will be a slight sensitivity in the teeth after teeth whitening procedure, it is necessary to pay attention to the foods that are eaten and drunk. Acidic drinks and hard foods should be avoided.

For the process to provide a long-lasting whiteness, you should continue to take care of your mouth and teeth cleaning. You should take extra care for a few days, especially after the procedure. Click on the before and after visuals.

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

The best teeth whitening process is performed in Turkey.One of the main reasons for this is its low cost and high service quality. We are happy to send many of our patients who come to our clinic from abroad to benefit from our affordable prices and to receive quality service from our expert team.

Esthedental is waiting for you with its expert team and quality service.  ‘Contact us’ for more information about Teeth Whitening. 

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