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Who does not want to have an impressive and natural smile? Our clinic aims to provide you with an aesthetic smile with its aesthetic touches.

What is the Hollywood Smile Design ?

Hollywood smile is among the aesthetic applications that have become very popular in recent years. It emerged from the natural and flawless smile of Hollywood stars. Hollywood smile is a very effective method to eliminate the smile phobia of people who are afraid to laugh in society and close their mouth while laughing. People with a smile phobia usually have a mouth structure that is out of proportion to their facial features, crooked teeth, and an unaesthetic smile. This operation aims to eliminate the problems and give the person a completely aesthetic smile. While this application method is designed to give more successful results, all measurements of the person are taken; facial features, gender, skin color and lip thickness.

Important Factors

Facial features: While choosing teeth, the shape of the face, lip thickness, mouth and jaw structure are among the important factors.

Gender: Man and woman facial features are extremely different from each other. While man facial features are sharp and long, woman facial features are softer and oval.

Skin color: When choosing a tooth color, it is necessary to consider the skin color. A tooth color that is not suitable for your skin color will destroy the naturalness.

Who is the Hollywood Smile made for ?

  • Crooked teeth
  • Cavities on teeth
  • An aesthetic appearance
  • Laughing phobia
  • Jaw Disorders 
  • Screw pitch

Most of the patients have the Hollywood Smile procedure for many reasons such as these. 

Procedures for Hollywood Smile Design

Bonding: A substance called bonding is applied to damaged teeth such as broken and decayed teeth. Dental cavities can also be closed by applying this substance. The dentist shapes the tooth with this substance and creates an aesthetic appearance.

Teeth Whitening: Due to environmental factors, stains occur on tooth surfaces. For this reason, the stains are removed and the whitening process is applied to provide an aesthetic appearance to the tooth.

Implant: Implant treatment is applied for patients who have experienced tooth loss. The metal obtained from titanium is placed on the jawbone.

Lip Shaping: Lips are indispensable for an aesthetic smile. If your lip structure is thin and inward, this will eliminate the desired aesthetic tooth appearance. Therefore, by making a slight contour to the lips, this situation is prevented and a more aesthetic appearance appears.

Hollywood Smile Design in Turkey

One of the most successful countries in health tourism is Turkey. We provide highly successful healthcare services to foreigners from all over the world. We are happy to serve you in our clinic, which is famous for its successful dental treatments and its expert team.

If you want to have a Hollywood smile design in Turkey, simply fill out the contact form. Our team will contact you as soon as possible and provide an online meeting.

Our clinic works with a team of experts and successful treatment methods. If you want to benefit from our treatments, you contact us on whatsapp line.

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