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Gummy smile is the problem of excessive appearance of the gums when smiling. The only thing that is important in dental aesthetics is not the color and structure of the tooth. At the same time, the structure of the gums, lips and teeth should be in order.

What is The Gummy Smile Makeover ?

The act of laughing is very important for our facial expression. It is proof that you have confidence in yourself. A cute smile that is compatible with your teeth and face impresses everyone. However, an incompatible smile can seem repulsive. When the gums appear more than normal while smiling, this indicates an anatomical defect. We call it the gummy smile. Dentists say that in a normal smile, the gums should appear 2 mm. When it appears more than 3 mm, we can say that it is a gum problem.

Causes of Gummy Smile

Gummy smile can occur for many reasons;

  • Gingival Hyperplasia : When you have gingival hyperplasia, your teeth appear rather short. This condition is caused by gingivitis or genetic factors.
  • Muscles in the lips : Some people's lips act more than normal. As a result, the upper lip lifts up while smiling. So, gums appear more than normal. This is a genetic factor.
  • Oral and dental anatomy : Some structural problems may cause the smile to deteriorate. For example, jaw problems are the most important factor.
  • Medicine : Drugs used in some systemic diseases may cause gingival hyperplasia.

Gummy Smile Surgery

Gummy smile treatment depends on the amount of the disease. If there is too much of a problem, an operation is performed accordingly. The first procedure to be performed on the patient is usually a gingivectomy operation. Shaping the gums makes less gum visible when smiling.

Gingivectomy Surgery

Gingivectomy is the process of contouring the gums with a surgical operation. Thus, the teeth acquire an aesthetic appearance. This process consists of several stages.

  • Before the procedure, the dentist examines the patient's gums. Finds the source of the problem.
  • If there is tartar on the teeth, they are cleaned before the procedure.
  • The dentist puts the patient under local anesthesia.
  • Gums are cut with special equipment. More aesthetic image is formed. The process takes about 1 hour.

* The overall size of some teeth may not be long. Shortening the gums may not be the only option. That is why in such cases, the surface of the teeth is covered with crowns or porcelain, which can make the teeth look longer.

Gummy Smile Surgery Cost

The gummy smile procedure aims to provide an aesthetic appearance to your teeth. It is a less costly procedure in Turkey compared to the USA and European countries. Gummy smile procedure should be applied by specialist doctors. It is an important operation.

Dental treatments in Turkey are both high quality and safe. That's why thousands of patients visit Turkey every year. Our dentists, who are experts in their fields, successfully perform all aesthetic dental treatments. Our clinic uses the latest technology equipment to offer the best treatment to its patients coming from abroad. You can get information by contacting our patient consultants for gummy smile surgery cost. Our prices and treatments will make you happy.

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