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Being informed about what will happen before dental treatment is just as crucial as the operation itself.

All dental treatments in our clinic are performed by specialist dentists. Before you are treated in our clinic, you can examine our 'dental treatments' heading and have all the details about the area you want to be treated.

You can contact our online consultation for information on treatments. We deal with the entire process after contacting our clinic. After coming to Turkey, our private driver will meet you from the airport. Afterward, you will be transferred to our safe and comfortable hotel. Thanks to our team of translators who master all languages, you will feel much more comfortable. In our clinic, we perform our procedures by paying attention to all hygiene rules.

Considerations Before Dental Treatment

The doctor should learn about the patient's medical history and make the treatment plan accordingly. This is the most important point that should be for a healthier dental treatment.

Dental treatments are important for human health. There should be questions that you should ask your doctor before treatment. Especially in important dental treatments, such as root canal treatment, you should ask the following questions before the procedure:

Dental Implant

Dental implants are the most preferred treatment method by patients.For this reason, low quality implants are made in the market as well as high quality. These implants damage the jawbone and cause infection.It negatively affects your health. We have implants produced with quality materials by our expert teams in our clinic, and long-lasting use is provided if necessary care is taken. Click on teeth implants before and after.


Zirconium dental coating is a dental treatment that has become quite popular in recent years. Zirconium, which is met with interest by patients, is different from other porcelain veneers. Click here to read more.

There are certain points that you need to know before having a Zirconium dental veneer treatment. We've written them down for you.

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile provides an aesthetic appearance to the existing dental structure of the individual.

What are the procedures to have a Hollywood smile?

Laminated veneer is applied to the front parts of the teeth. It's a short process. Teeth whitening is performed. If you have dental cavities that disrupt your dental aesthetics, implant treatment is also applied to these areas.

How to get Hollywood Smile?

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an ideal treatment method for patients who have lost their white tooth appearance over time and their dental tartar has come to the surface. It is also an ideal treatment for patients who do regular oral and dental care and still cannot achieve a white appearance because some people's teeth are naturally pale in color, so our patients come to our clinic for such complaints.

Before the teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is not a painful procedure. But before treatment, brush slowly without putting pressure on your teeth and gums. Be careful not to damage your gums.

Click for more information about teeth whitening treatment.

Is teeth whitening harmful?

One of the most asked questions about teeth whitening is whether it is harmful. Although it is seen as harmful among society, it is an extremely harmless procedure. It should be done meticulously under the supervision of a dentist. It does not erode tooth enamel and does not damage any structure of the tooth.

Is teeth whitening long lasting?

The color of the teeth opens up to 4-5 tons after treatment. And it will provide long-term use if regular oral and dental care is performed. Click on professional teeth whitening before and after.